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WCFB Inventory

At any one time there are some items that we have which are unlikely to be of any use to the majority of people we aim to assist. In order to raise some funds to help with our operating costs, we aim to sell those items rather than giving them away. This is just a summary of what we have in our Storage Unit at the moment that is for sale, indexed by Categories. This is continually changing but it's rare for us not to have items available in most categories. If you would like to buy one of the items shown, please contact George (See the Contact page).
Items For Sale
SubCategory Item Cost Items # Photos # Action
Furniture Upcycled Bedroom Set £100.00 3 6
Furniture Upcycled Dressing Table £100.00 1 2
Furniture Retro Dressing Table £100.00 1 2
Home Office
Desks Solid Wood Desk £100.00 1 2
Armchairs Green Armchair £50.00 1 2
Armchairs Pink Armchair £50.00 1 2
Armchairs Purple Armchair £50.00 1 2
Armchairs Beige Armchair £50.00 1 2
Tables Upcycled Occasional Table £50.00 1 2